The bike that started it all. . .
The Joust was developed to be a world class polo bike by take everything we disliked about the frames we were using for polo and created a bike that was a pleasure to ride and not a risk. We eliminated toe overlap, wheel flop, long turns, mallet jam and wide turning radis so that the rider would not be limited by how their bike performed and could focus on the game instead of avoiding pedal strike.

-The Joust specific fork, designed for performance.
-Built for 26″ wheels for a tighter wheel base with a max tire size of 1.5″
-120mm rear spacing to line up with most available track hubs.
-68mm English Thread Bottom Bracket
-V-Brake mounts for superior braking
-Reinforced head tube for additional strength
-High bottom bracket for minimized pedal strike on sharp turns.
-Minimal to no toe-overlap.
-Longer dropouts that allow for maneuverability between street and polo ratios.



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