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Here are the final results with some Joust riders in the top ten:

Congrats to Joey Halvorsen from SF for winning a Joust for Best Up and Coming Player

1st – The Guardians (Julian/Seabass/Dustin Seattle)
2nd – Clobber Politics (Joe/Ben/Robbie CHI/OTT) (Ben on Joust)
3rd – Crazy Canucks (Rory/Chris/Alex VAN)
4th – The Outsiders (Martin/Evan/Joker VAN/SEA/LA)

5th – Garçons Castor (Kremin/Brian/Pierre MKE/MAD)
5th – DTGP (Kevin/Ngaihon/Hugo TO/Paris)

7th – My Face (Eric/Chris/Erica ATL/Athens)
7th – The Oddballs (Leon/Drew/Mike SEA)

9th – Wardens (Jake/Zach/Matt MKE) (Zach on Joust)
9th – Smang Gang (Mike/Cody/Forest SEA)
9th – Top Centaurs (Henry/Luke/Ken VIC/VAN)
9th – Portland United (Arlyn/Eric/Jason PDX)

13th – Blistering Barnacles (Lewis/Greg/Clement SYD/Paris/GE)
13th – Bad Fingers (Ruckus/Long/Jeremiah SF)
13th – Purple Starfish (Ian/Alexis/Jonny MAD/OT/RVA) (Ian on Joust)
13th – The Hunky Dories (Shane/Nick/Plaxton TO)

17th – Team Priapism (Jason/Eric/Joey/ SF)
17th – The Full Kenichi’s (Timothy/Tom/Pete PDX)
17th – Never Nudes (Cole, Brook, Gemma Van)
17th – Horse With No Name (Nick/Allan/Kiersten VIC/OT/SEA)
17th – L’Explosif (Rowdy/Andre/Messman SEA)
17th – Cowpunchers (Justin/Mike/Dan CAL)
17th – Poontang Clan (Tiffany/Jill/Will LEX/PITT)
17th – Mitten Polo (Adam/Piet/Jon Ann Arbor) (Jon on Joust)

Gongrats to all that particitpated!!

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